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Re: 5+5 Brake Upgrades

Chris writes:
>     I'm Looking at upgrading the brakes on my '81 5+5. I'm considering using
> 256 mm (10.1") Vented Discs with the 100 mm Bolt pattern and new calipers.
> What i would like to know is which VW's or Audi's had this sort of setup ?

The most convenient bolt-on swap for this is the 10.1" vented rotors and
calipers from a 1987 and later VW Scirocco 16V (not the 8V models).  I did
this on my 4000 and it fit perfectly (4x100mm).

>     I have already tryed just about every VW and Audi Wrecking Yard and they
> all seem to think this setup does not exist, but my haynes manual shows the
> 256 mm Discs on the later Audi 80's ('85 to '87, but I'm not sure whether
> these had the different bolt pattern or not).

Most of the Audis that came stock with 10.1" front brakes had 4x108mm hubs,
so they won't fit without changing wheels too.

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