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RE: Rear Suspension noise

That would be your track control arm, the bushings on the outboard end tend
to go first (dry-out) just did this job myself - the part is available
aftermarket if you know the right shop. I paid $227.00 CDN for the part -
dealer list is around $440 CDN.  The outer assembly/linkage is available as
a separate part but you will find that you will be replacing the inner ball
joint very soon after replacing only the outer. Part no. is 443 505 351 P
for the left upper and 443 505 352 P for the right upper.

It is the single easiest 'major' job that I have done on this car to date.
Can be done on under an hour and will need an alignment done professionally


Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ 10V

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Subject: Rear Suspension noise

This is minor (at least I hope so) but none the less very annoying...

Over the last few weeks my 86 5KTQW has developed a noise when the rear
suspension moves up and down.  It has been getting worse and sounds a
bit like the infamous slowly creeking door in a bad horror movie.

I've gone under the rear and and by putting my hand on various
suspension parts, localized the source...it seems that the upper "bar"
that ties the bearing carrier to the suspension is the culprit.  At
least that's the part that I can feel the vibration in when the moise
happens.  It doesn't take much movement to get the creek, a few mm of
motion can do it.

I've tried spraying the bushings with penetrating lube, without much

Any BTDT as to what is causing this.  I hate to the shotgun approach to
replacing parts here, but it is really annoying.  Could it be a rubber
bushing going?