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86 5kcstq parts for sale

My 86 5kcstq rebuild project has been canceled due to the arrival of a 90 90
20v quattro.  I bought the car a year ago as a total for $200, and it has
been one problem after another. I give up  due to the development of a knock
when I started it today to move it.   I have many new parts on the car that
I  would like to sell if any one is interested.  Or the whole car if anybody
wants it.  Just would like to recoup some of the money I have spent trying
to get the car running right.

The car has new paint, Black leather sport seats( drivers in bad shape all
others in good shape including door panels), turbo is capable of producing
1.5 bar with altered wastage easily, engine has low compression( 100 - 110
psi), Transmission or center differential makes noise when cold and recently
when warm to( I think there is a bad bearing somewhere) but  it shifts fine,
Intercooler has been repaired and checked for leaks.  These are the low
points of the car, the rest is in good shape.  As far as fuel injection
components everything is good, and it has never generated a code other that
4444(everything ok).  After todays knocking I think that the problem has
always been valve.

Oil cooler lines purchased from shokan about 1000 miles ago.
ISV control unit.
Fuel injectors from shokan about 10 miles ago
Rebuilt drive line with Mercedes parts 100 miles ago

If anyone is interested in the car or just parts of it let me know.