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Re: and now for the RS...

>has been announced.. 340 bhp from a V6TT.. there's also a 360 bhp V8TT.. 
>not sure what that will be called.

Sounds weird to me. The current S8 without the turbo already produces 360+
bhp. Why is the twin-turbo V8 produces the same 360? 

>500 bhp.. think about that for a moment.  today's car makes only 193.  not
>even the 6 liter mercedes V12 was making that kind of power.  piech is a

MB is the European version of "classical American car" -- big engine,
horrible efficiency (low bhp, torque, etc. vs. competitors).

As far as current V6 is concerned, I really question its claimed output.
Why is it that it's slower than competition even in a 2WD, manual setup?

>makes 500 bhp.. i think the viper and 993 twin turbo are in the 400+
>range... and the ferrari 550 maranello about 480.  reading about this is
>enough to make me drunk! 

Didn't the F50 go above 500?

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