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RE: Rear Suspension noise

Right you are, the correct part numbers for VINs up to 44-G-073 362 are:

left: 443 505 351 N
right: 443 505 352 N

the numbers below apply for VIN 44-G-073 363 and after.



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At 09:56 PM 6/28/99 -0400, Peter Berrevoets wrote:
>That would be your track control arm, the bushings on the outboard end tend
>to go first (dry-out) just did this job myself - the part is available
>aftermarket if you know the right shop. I paid $227.00 CDN for the part -
>dealer list is around $440 CDN.  The outer assembly/linkage is available as
>a separate part but you will find that you will be replacing the inner ball
>joint very soon after replacing only the outer. Part no. is 443 505 351 P
>for the left upper and 443 505 352 P for the right upper.

>steve wrote:
>I've gone under the rear and and by putting my hand on various
>suspension parts, localized the source...it seems that the upper "bar"
>that ties the bearing carrier to the suspension is the culprit.  At
>least that's the part that I can feel the vibration in when the moise
>happens.  It doesn't take much movement to get the creek, a few mm of
>motion can do it.


you should beware that not only is this part very expensive and usually
hard to find, you are in a transition year, so make sure you get the
correct one.
peter listed the later version, but you may need the earlier version...