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The Mt. Washigton experience - a newcomer's view

Thought I'd take a moment to summarize my thoughts on this past weekend's affair.
Where to begin?
In one weekend I had the pleasure of discovering the truly awe inspiring beauty of the mountain and surrounding area, seeing the legendary hillclimb up close and personal, attending my first NEQ event and best of all, finally meeting a number of cool folks whom until now I only knew as e-entities from here ( 20V list ), as well meeting  many others of the Q persusion from the mother list and elsewhere.
My only regret here was being torn between hanging out at " base camp " and spending time up at various parts of the hill trying to catch the action, particularly since my buddy Fred who was along for the ride seemed to only be able to handle a finite amount of the invitable Ring Comisiration that follows such a gathering.
" You guys talk way too much about busted stuff, man..."  One can only understand from within, I suppose. All was not lost however. After two days worth, we had him sufficiently brainwashed that he's asked me to go down to the local dealer this week to look at A4s ( wants a warranty - wimp! Then again, nice to be a computer whiz kid living at home....)
Some Highlights:
- Meeting the infamous RoT in Burlington and spending the wee hours of Sat. am playing chase car through the foggy New England backroads.
- Spending hours in the company of Those Who Understand and Think It's Normal That a Car Owns You.
- The roads.
- The TT.
- The TT hostesses.
- The roads.
- Seeing Sprongl and the S2 in action for the first time, as well as the excellent efforts by Ringed flyers such as lister Bob D'Amato and many others.
- The Saturday am parade.
- The graciousness of the Ur-q owners, who were only too happy to let us tag along behind their Sunday parade, the only way we could get our car and gear to the peak at midday to enjoy some afternoon summit action.
- The sense that for the most part, the competitors were there to enjoy themselves as much as we were - a rare quality in motorsports these days.
- Did I mention the local roads?
Many thanks to all the volunteers who made this possible, not the least of whom eventmaster Royal, who did an excellent job keeping things smooth, diplomatic and co-ordinated  ( especially re the parades ) under what appeared to be somewhat trying circumstances at times.
I very much look forward to seeing everyone again next year.
Ian Pavelko  ' 90  90Q20V  ( Titanium Grey )