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RE: Video Game thread.

well if you woulda seen TOCA 1 then there would have been an A4q... if its
anything like TOCA 1 you can even drive a tank that shoots!!!!!! and yes it
does throw your oppenents off the track!!!!! Another game you should check
out is MS Midtown Madness, extremely fun for the first couple days but then
boring untill you get some of the downloads like the beetle tuner... With
that you can do something like I did, 486HP rear drive 6 speed 0-60: 3.4
seconds in a beetle!!!! But my friend supposedly made a 25000HP beetle that
does somewhere in excess of 350MPH!!!!!!

SOrry for babbeling on!!!!

Anand Dhanda
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     Well, I haven't seen this go around for a while so get ready.

Last weekend there was the bi-monthly local computer show at the
always a place for some good deals, hardware and software.   I noticed a new
game that I haven't heard of nor seen before so I immediately snatched it
 The game?
ToCA2, Touring Car 2. Price was $29.95    This is a very new release ( I
suspect) since it it copyright '99 and I haven't seen it in any of the
superstores, actually I think it may even be an import...  Anyway, this is
hands down the best driving game I have played hands down.  The game is from
Codemasters, and I noticed by their website that they make alot of
playstation games.  (www.codemasters.com) for those who want to check it

The cars you can drive are:
Audi A4 (non quattro of course)
Honda Accord
Ford Mondeo
Nissan Primera
Peugeot 406
Renault Laguna
Vauxhall Vectra
Volvo S40
    All in full realistic sponsorship trim.  You can do a series and you get
an option to drive a fromula ford, and a ford festiva. (the VanDieman
is a blast)  I think there are a few hidden cars in there too like a McLaren
F1 and maybe some others.

The tracks are also very realistic and everything is 3D accellerated. The
tracks included are:
Brands Hatch
Oulton Park

I recognize most of those, but not sure if they are all real tracks.

    They also included a demo disk of some of their other games, and low and
behold, they have a killer RALLY game too.  It definitely has better
than EuroPress RAC Rally (my current favorite)  It's called "Colin McRae
Rally"  i played the demo and it was equally as realistic as the Touring Car
game however I couldnt get the demo to work with my steering wheel ( surely
they planned it that way)  so I couldn't get the full feel of how they made
the cars handle, but it was a good tease.

      I dont know for sure that either of these games are slated to actually
come here, but I have already e-mailed  them about the availability of the
RALLY game.  There were no online type ordering preceedures so I have no
how to get them.  It may not be a bad idea for anyone who is interested to
e-mail them and show them that there is true interest in these games here
who knows...

     I'm not a sales person for the company, but since it has internet and
network play so it would be great to see other people with these games.  If
anyone has seen these games or knows anything please let me know

Happy Motoring,