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Maybe i have a fairly simplistic view on this,(yeah i know before anyone
else says it i must be simple)it's like music copyright being abused by
people who record CD onto tape and give it to their friend for the price of
a pint, or all the MP3 sites that have sprung up. Oh oh, i feel a large hole
being dug for myself, time to say good bye on this one.


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> Sent: 29 June 1999 00:52
> To: Iain Atkinson
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> Subject: Re: ETKA CD's
> > Is Audi really going to be that worried by a relatively small
> group of pro
> > Audi enthusiasts having a copy of their parts microfiche on CD. My local
> > Audi garage finds it I am sure a great help when I phone and
> quote them the
> > part no's that I want to purchase, saves them time and hassle. The whole
> > internet has been built in some way on people copying software,
> Audi I am
> > sure have bigger battles to fight than worrying about a few
> CD's. I mean you
> > can download it from an ftp server in Russia, why not put on a
> better one
> > closer to home?
> Yes and No.
> as pointed out, if they get lawyers involved, they are right and it
> won't be fun.
> What we *really* need is permission to copy and distribute it!  And a
> formal relationship of some sort with AoA or VAG to make things nice...
> ok, I'm an idealist and a dreamer - but I have to be with my car...
> --
> Huw Powell

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