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if we can't do it publicly any suggestions on how we can do it?


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> Sent: 28 June 1999 22:28
> To: Iain Atkinson
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> Subject: Re: ETKA CD's
> On Mon, 28 Jun 1999, Iain Atkinson wrote:
> ]Is Audi really going to be that worried by a relatively small
> group of pro
> ]Audi enthusiasts having a copy of their parts microfiche on CD.
> 	they could very well be upset at that.  there's a reason
> 	people copyright things.  the real question is:  is it
> 	worth the risk to blatantly, publicly, under a name that
> 	ends in .com, sell comyrighted information?
> The whole
> ]internet has been built in some way on people copying software,
> 	i'd like to see your statistics and sources for this
> 	statement.  even if it's true, it certainly wouldn't
> 	hold up in court to say that it's ok to steal someone's
> 	stuff because it's been done before, or because everybody
> 	does it.
> ]Audi I am
> ]sure have bigger battles to fight than worrying about a few
> CD's. I mean you
> ]can download it from an ftp server in Russia, why not put on a better one
> ]closer to home?
> 	they might worry - it's about risk.  is the ftp server
> 	in russia authorized to have that?  if not, will russian
> 	law officials shut it down if requested?
> 	for disclaimer information - yes i have copies of things
> 	i have not paid for - softwware, music, whatever.  you're
> 	eright in that most people do this sort of thing.  the
> 	point i am raising is that it ups the ante to do it in
> 	public, for money, and may not be worth the additional
> 	risks involved.
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