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Re: sub lists

Mike Arman wrote:

> The list isn't particularly broken, so I think we shouldn't be trying to
> fix it . . .


> In return for fifteen to twenty minutes a day, I get thousands of dollars
> worth of free advice, have bought parts, made friends, learned how to fix
> stuff (and passed this along), etc. Much better return on my investment
> than the same time spent watching TV, thank you!


> Don't complicate - simplicate.

I've got to agree with Mike on this one. I don't own a  4k, an S4/6, or a
V8/A8, but I sure would like to. And it's fun learning about them. Sometimes
what you learn about one car can be applied, with a little creative genius, to
another car. That's where I got the idea to put auxilary 12V power points in
my center console.

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