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RE: heat all the time

	The same thing happened to my '86 4kq.  The problem is the heater valve, 
it isn't closing all of the way.  The valve is easy to get to.  It is 
located under the hood behind the engine.  There will be two coolant hoses 
going into it and the heater valve cable attached to it.  There is a clamp 
holding the cable housing.  Release the clamp and manually close the heater 
valve.  Make sure the dash adjustment is set to the cold position.  Close 
the clamp back down on the cable housing.  Readjust if necessary.  If this 
doesn't work, your heater valve might need replaced.  This might be a good 
idea anyway, I've heard of them cracking open.  I've been told you can get 
better quality valves that work at any auto parts store.

Tom B.
'86 4kq
'89 200q