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RE: RS2 stabilizor size


the front stabiliser bar of the rs2 is 28mm in diameter.  the link arm to
the bottom of the strut/shock at the front is straight, and of 270mm length.
it is 10mm in diameter.

the rear is, as you expected, is 16mm in diameter, while the arm is 230mm
(although being bent slightly between the top wishbone and the stabiliser
bar, this length is it's vertical height).  it is 12mm in diameter.

the lengths of the arms are approximate, of course.  because of this, i'd
say that the s2 and rs2 shared front arms.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q
'88 mb 2.3-16

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From: Hans-Juergen Schneider [mailto:hans@h-js.de]
Sent: Friday, 18 June 1999 00:23
To: Dave.Eaton@clear.net.nz
Subject: RS2 stabilizor size

Hi Dave,
my S2 Avant will need some minor maintenance work in the next weeks
like new a-arm bushings etc. I will put a set of yellow Koni's in and
currently think about upgrading to the RS2 size stabilizers. The rear
size on my car is 12.5mm and the RS2 should be 16mm. The front is
26mm on the S2 and I can't find any numbers for RS2. Could you please
measure the diameter of the front and rear stabilizers on your RS2? I
could also need the lengths for the arms attached to the stabis
( 8A0407465C in front and rear 8A0505465D ). The S2 front arm lengths
is given with 269.5mm in ETKA but I can't find anything about the RS2.


- Hans-Juergen Schneider
'93 S2 Avant
'89 CQ 20V