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Re: Can i use 5ktq injectors on an UrQ metering head?

> In message <199906291908.PAA14356@audifans.com> Michael Williams writes:

> > hey all, as you know, i have an MC in my UrQ.  For ease of installation,
> > the original UrQ injectors and metering head are still in there.  Is it
> > possible to use the standard MC injectors on the UrQ metering head?
> > Someone is selling some possibly and i dont know the age of the ones on
> > my car.  Are they larger than the stock UrQ ones at all?

> However - the MC engine (I think both variants) uses air-shrouded
> injectors, and the WR didn't.  Which injector seats did you use -
> the MC two-part ones?  There _might_ be a benefit in using MC injectors
> in those to get the tip airflow right.

His main problem will be the fittings at the metering head.
Flare fittings for the MC and banjo for the original.
I believe the threads on the injectors are different too,
so one end of the fuel lines would need adapting.