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Re: One invincible A8 and a cool driver.

>I speculate that: 
>2.  The crooks were all driving
>Lada's (maximum speed 45 mph (downhill)) and could not match the speed,
>traction, manouverability, nor the power of an A8.

Don't speculate. Speak on the BTDT basis which is the credo of this

Have you ever driven one of them yourself or you just feel that bashing
this brand is a cool thing to do? Like 99% of people around me bash my
Audis without ever having driven one coz the mass media seems to do it
all the time and they are too narrow minded to form their own opinion.

The speedo pointer of my '86 Lada 2107 saw the outside of the 180km/h
mark. I keep the fondest memories of this excellent machine. This car
was better than 90% of the sheer garbage that Detroit turned out during
the same model year.
As far as the traction and maneuverability go this very same RWD Lada
braved the snow storms in northern Russia during those infamous
5-month-long winters (no, make that "Winters" as I haven't seen anything
this snowy and brutal even in Canada) without any ABS or traction
Saved my butt more times than I care to remember.

Whoever wrote this 45mph downhill nonsense about Lada should take a trip
overseas once in a lifetime to expand his nurtured by Hollywood life

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros