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Re: S4 order info.

DaveSenu@aol.com writes:
> 1. What is the order code for the carbon fiber dash trim? (refer to current 
> autoweek with imola yellow s4 on cover)

Have no idea about this one.

> 2. What is the difference betweent the bose and the standard "symphony radio" 
> are the speaker placements the same? I would plan to upgrde the speakers with 
> MB quart units and don't know if they are compatiable with the A)impedance of 
> existing amps and b) the location of amps, are they mounted on speakers?

If you are planning to replace the speakers, don't order Bose.  The radio
is the same unit, Bose or not.  The difference is in the speakers.  In the
Bose version, the speakers contain amplifiers.

> How about alcantara suede vs. standard leather?

That is entirely your preference.

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