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Re: quattro-digest V1 #177


This technical bulletin could be a possiblity for you.  It does not
address resetting the TCM, but it may be a reason why your trans
goes into failsafe, as does the one on my '93 90S.  I just discovered
this TSB and haven't had a chance to investigate it.  It basically
says that all 097 4-spd autos may have this problem caused by a
bad ATF temp sensor.  You need a PDF viewer to read it.
  Transmission, Erratic Shifting, No DTC's Stored - Sep '97

Another lister once told me they had heard that the only way
to "reset" the TCM was to unplug it/replug it.  There probably is
more to it than that but it also would likely require a special
Audi tool; their ubiquitous Scan Tool maybe?

Good luck.  Keep my name around if you find a solution.  I'll let
you know if I do to.

Ed Skladany
'93 90S
'84 4000S
'85 735i

> Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 15:19:01 -0400
> From: kolson@statestreet.com
> Subject: 91 100 Auto Trans TSB's
>      Anyone have access to Audi Technical Service Bulletins? or know about
>      this problem?
>      I'm looking for the following TSB's that relate to auto transmissions
>      for a 91 100:
>      379304     Jun-93  Transmissions shifts Erratic/Hard
>      379108     Dec-91  Harsh Shifting- Transmission into Limp Mode
>      37911      Jul-91  AG4 - Transmission Shifts Erratic/Hard
>      D39102     May-91  Resetting Transmission Basic Setting
>      Flipping through my owners manual, I noticed that if there is a
>      "fault" in the auto trans control module, the transmission will go
>      into "failsafe" mode and will either a.) shift roughly or b.) require
>      manual shifts through the gears by moving the lever.
>      I've also read in the Dyment manuals that each time you disconnect the
>      battery, you'll have to reprogram the transmission control module
>      somehow.
>      The auto trans in my '91 100 shifts roughly and I have had the battery
>      disconnected. Has anyone experienced similar problems? Anyone know how
>      to reprogram the transmission control module without a visit to the
>      dealer?
>      Keith