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re: XXXX CD's

The building of the "whole internet" , IMHO, is hardly justification for
the pirating of copyrighted software. You may believe that the internet is
built upon the unrestrained copying of software, but I don't agree. Sure,
loads of shareware and freeware has been distributed via the internet.
However, this _generally_ is done by permission, which is very much lacking

Of course, as you assert, it's true that they're (AoA) not likely to be
"worried by a relatively small group of pro Audi enthusiasts having a copy
of their parts microfiche on CD."  But if it comes clearly to their
attention that there is publicly-advertised, large-scale copying and
selling of _their_ XXXX,  you'd have to expect the typical, corporate
knee-jerkers will kick in with "Well, we can't let them get away with that!"

Just as I wouldn't recommend asking for permission, anticipating Audi of
America's "attitude" :-( , neither would I do anything to make them aware
of this "project". The key is simply... discretion. All I suggest is that
we stop being so open about an "XXXX CD" project in our various postings,
and simply _do_ it--very discreetly.  All enquiries could/should be handled
via _private_ e-mail. Makes sense as well for keeping list clutter down.

BTW, I (for one) don't think any of us need the excuse of obtaining the
XXXX CD in order to justify a $3 or $4 donation to the Qlist.

Phil R.

>Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 21:13:43 +0100
>From: "Iain Atkinson" <iain.atkinson@virgin.net>
>Subject: ETKA CD's
>Hi all,
>Is Audi really going to be that worried by a relatively small group of pro
>Audi enthusiasts having a copy of their parts microfiche on CD. My local
>Audi garage finds it I am sure a great help when I phone and quote them the
>part no's that I want to purchase, saves them time and hassle. The whole
>internet has been built in some way on people copying software, Audi I am
>sure have bigger battles to fight than worrying about a few CD's. I mean you
>can download it from an ftp server in Russia, why not put on a better one
>closer to home?

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