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Re: Ur-q Fuel pump HELP

The fuel pump on my 83' Urq went out recently, and I got the Bosch part 
directly from IMC the next day (I work in a shop, so we deal with them on a 
daily basis).  I live about 12 miles from GPR-in fact, my windshield is 
emblazoned with their sticker-, and they're great about stocking quality 
parts.  I'm sure IMC just shipped them a bogus pump because they couldn't dig 
up a Bosch one in time.  I believe the pump is the same as the same era 5kt, 
and all other UrQs.
The Bosch p/n is 0 580 254 968.  This is the one to order it by.  Hope I've 
been helpful.

		-Tucker Fritch
			'83 UrQ