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Re: Dads Auto Salvage/economics of 20v wrecking(Low Audi Content)

In a message dated 6/30/99 3:27:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
only5kgt@uswest.net writes:

<< t least get near the four-figure mark as salvage.
 Wrong. No junkyard would give me better than $250 for it.
 Ended up selling to an acquaintance for $350, who wrecked it
 again a year after fixing it. >>

	This is true, though.  The only part on your car really worth 
anything might have been your old motor, and that could maybe bring $500.  
Any wrecking yard you be lucky to break even even paying 350 for that car 
when other over head costs are applied.  A car like a 20v can bring in a lot 
more revenue because its parts are so highly demanded.  I understand your 
rant, you are panicing thinking an Audi that you love may someday be extinct, 
no longer available to you.  But rest assured, the depriciation Gods smile 
once again, and there will be plentiful A4 1.8 5v turbos ripe for the picking 
in the low teens in only 5 or so years from now!  Relax, they are just cars, 
and fortunately for us, Audi has been making them really interesting lately.  
We have a 5 valve I5 to look forward to in not too long.......=)