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Re: CTTC Experience, First time driver (long)


WOW!  That sounded so much fun.  Sooo, how do I get started in racing--going
fast and catching air?  I'm a neophyte and located in the midwest.

What quattro's are best for racing?  Right now the 5k  is the family car.  I
would imagine that I need to buy something else.

ps  my husband and daughter are probably cringing right now.

> Memorable things:
> -Catching the huge air over the jump near the top of the mountain....and
> having one of my right side tires landing in nothing. 3 on pavement, 1
> in air. LONG LIVE QUATTRO! If it werent for quattro bringing me back
> in......!
> ....

> If anyone has even thought about doing this event, DO IT. Its awesome
> and will give you life long memories.