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Re: 86 4000s accel. pedal came off


This happened to me once on my '84.  It was years ago so the details
are gone.  I believe the spongy thing has taller sides which make a
groove in the middle to keep the metal wheel confined.  What happens
is the spongy thing decomposes and the tall sides break off, allowing
the metal wheel to slip off the spongy thing and the pedal falls down.
Just replace the spongy thing and reassemble it.  I think it's
held on by a clip.

'93 90S
'84 4000S
'85 735i

> Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 08:35:21 -0500
> From: "Browning David (TVCS)" <BrowningD@tce.com>
> Subject: 86 4000s accel. pedal came off
> While test driving my car last night to see if a fuel problem was fixed, the
> accelerator pedal promptly flopped to the floor.  I looked up at the top of
> the pedal and found that there is a metal "weight" it would seem where the
> pedal attaches.  the top of the pedal assembly has a round hole, in which
> this "spongy" round thing slips into.  This somehow holds the pedal and the
> metal bracket with cable all together.  I couldn't see if anything else fell
> out.  If anybody has any experience with this weird contraption, could you
> please help me out?
> Thanks,
> dB