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Re: Extinction 200t20v WAS -> economics of 20v wrecking

In a message dated 6/30/99 11:01:41 AM Eastern Daylight Time, PlyBoyDoct 

<<  One day we won't have anymore 20v to transplant.
 Jason C 
 89 200t10v
 Redmond WA >>

	This is a fact, and a reality that you should learn to accept and 
deal with.  Its called creativity, there are plenty of really nice cars to 
tink with in the future.  I dont understand, it sound like some of you would 
like to pass legislation preventing the further demise of another 200 20v.  
Frankly, I think the 20v is a much better motor in the lighter cars, and 
something Audi should have provided in the first place.  Sure, it might be a 
shame, but what are you going to do?  You have no right telling anyone what 
they should do with their car...just trying to make sense of your rant.
Javad Shadzi