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Re: 90CS cruise control can't hold on

Adam Recktenwald wrote:
> Hello all,
> I took my Audi out for a Interstate spin not long ago for the first time in
> a month or two.  When I got to cruising speed and set the cruise control,
> it held the speed for about 3 seconds then slowly decelerated (about 1-2
> MPH per second).  It seems like it's trying to hold the throttle, but
> can't.  I tried a few times to see if I was imaging things and each time it
> was consistent.  I'm going of vacation on the end of the week and would
> really like to have it.  Anyone else has had this problem or ideas on how
> to fix it?  Much appreciate it.
> -Adam Recktenwald
> 1993 90CS

Look for splits in the bellows (connected to the pull linkage to the
throttle, or vacuum hose leaks.