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Re: CV boots

In message <199906302050.QAA23670@scasd.k12.pa.us> "Bill" writes:

> crawling around under my car the today, i noticed that one (right
> outer) CV boot was almost completely gone. is this as bad as i
> think?  is it imperative that it be changed? thanks

A 1/2" slit is "within a week".  A 3" slit is "now".  Fit yours into
this type of timescale.

> also, i think my oil consumption is a touch high, at 1qt per 500 mi.
> i know i have an oil leak on the top engine gasket, but that would
> be a PITA to change (or mabey not my audi standards). should it
> be changed too?

Lemme guess - you've not _changed_ the oil, because so much was going
through that it was always fresh?  WRONG.  You probably have major
breather blockage and the oil control rings are glued into their
recesses in the pistons.

I would suggest a strip and cleanout of all the breather hoses, and a
complete flush - using pure flushing oil and not these 'add to your
existing oil before a change' substitutes.  They're only 1/5th

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