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Re: oil filters

Mike Mulholland wrote:
> on my recommendation based on the excellent knowledge gleaned from the list,
> my brother returned two of the oil filters that he had purchased earlier and
> exchanged them for bosch filters. to his surprise and mine the bosch filters
> were clearly stamped "made in usa" i have _no_ problem with american
> products...but i didn't know bosch filters were an american product. anyone?

Bosch like any other transnational concern has branches the world over.
Their oil filters are reasonably good coz at least they have antidrain
valves, unlike Fram and the like.

I would still stick with the Audi filters (or Mahle or Mann - the OEM
vendors for such).
A few years ago I bought 2 cases from my Audi dealer for $110 (they were
on sale at $5.50/ea) since all my cars use the same oil filter, even the
long gone VW Fox. At this price it didn't make much sence to buy Bosch
filters at $5/ea. from my local imports supply.

Definitely stay with the OEM filters for a turbo engine (no suffix in
the p/n). I've been told that they have a unique opening and bypass
pressure setting. I.e. the ones with a suffix "G" (non-turbo 5cyl) and
the ones with the "A" (6 cyl) have different values for the said
Although all three types are exactly the same in dimensions and thread

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros.