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Though I don't have any new pictures up yet I thought I should inform the
Quattro community that the LT-1Q was successfully started today and moved
under it's own power.  Thanks to the tireless efforts from Mr. Justusson
(and a bit from myself) the engine finally cranked to life around 6:00PM for
the first time.  After Scott was able to change the wiring so the key would
not only start the car, but turn it off as well things got much better.

Results:  To early to give acceleration runs and the like but from the two
laps around the block (open headers, getting late don't want to piss off the
neighbors) it seems like I will be VERY pleased with the results.  I can't
tell you how nice it is to crank the key and hear the engine maybe make a
half turn before the thing burbles to life.  Gone is the long Audi cranking
associated with CIS.  

The rest of the week will see me making the radiator shrouding and fitting
the bumper and lights on for real.  Although there is no power assist in the
brakes or steering I may drive it a bit this weekend.  VERY tempting.


Thanks Everyone for the support.

Bob Dupree
	84 UrQ
	99 LT-1Q:  IT'S ALIVE!
	77 Dodge Colt Pro-Rally