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Just sold my GT =( , some thoughts...

	Well, after about 4 years of faithful service and tuning 
opportunities, my 86 coupe GT now sits in front of me, in the form of $3500 
cash.  Well, how could I resist, I bought the car for $2000.  The car was 
worth every penny though(3.5k), with immaculate rims, a competition stereo 
system, and a lot of improvements  see: http://web.csuchico.edu/~javad     
to see exactly what I'm talking about.  I never thought I would sell the car. 
 Even two weeks ago I was planning a turbo conversion for it, all the parts 
are still here, waiting to be boosted.  I decided a quattro would be a much 
better platform for that much power, and am now looking for a 4k or 80 
	It is really wierd, I almost felt like I betrayed the car as I saw it 
burble down the street, under the volition of its new owner.  He is an 
acuaintance, however, so I will have many visiting rights   ;)   Maybe Im 
being overly sappy, especially over a car, but most of my memories from the 
last 4 years include that car in the center of them.  Its ok though.  I know 
with a little acclimation, she will be bouncing off the rev limiter for her 
new owner in no time...
Javad Shadzi
86 coupe GT (will be missed)