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'865KCSQT Cracked turbo pipe - Had Same Problem


I had same problem, same Car '865KCSQT - Came apart at the original 

I had to pull all the FI and Intercooler Hoses out just to get to it.  
one you've done that, it looks like one could get at it with a TIG or 
other appropriate welder.

I fixed it with some cold weld and exhaust wrap(see ref. in earlier 
"Marine Tex fix for details) - don't know if it will hold, especially 
if problem is induced by bad mount etc..,

Once I get the car on the road, as there are a number of things it 
needs, if it is worth it I may replace the pipe or have it properly 
welded should my fix not hold - it has so far, but I've only test 
drove around the block.  I didn't wan't to purchase a new pipe if the 
car needs too much other stuff.

Let me know what you find, especially the cost of the pipe, and the 
least expensive source.  It sure looks like a PITA to replace.


Ben Swann
'85 4ksq
'86 5kcstq (rebuilding)
'87 5kcstq Wagon


Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 12:44:12 -0400
From: Dupin family <dupina@crisny.org>
Subject: Cracked turbo pipe, Help needed.

Looking for 5KTQ ('86) good used turbo exhaust pipe, the one that
connects the turbo to the cat with the O2 sensor and the wastegate
connections.  Mine is cracking at the O2 sensor connection.
    Is this a generic problem?  Should I suspect my engine mounts?  I
replaced the turbo side mount approx 8k miles ago.
    Are there any fixes (reweld), preventive measures (reinforcing
brackets) available?

    All suggestions welcome.

    Thanks in advance,

    Phil Dupin