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Re: Wheels for 4CSQ

"Hare,Stott (X)" wrote:
> Gary Erickson was talking about rim and tire fitament and stated...
> > And no, I have had the fenders rolled.
> Perhaps Gary means he _hasn't_ had the fenders rolled.

You would be correct.  That line was _supposed_ to read:

"And no, I HAVEN'T had the fenders rolled."

> 215/40's on a 7.5x16 wheel with a 35mm offset.  Fits on an unmodified Coupe
> GT.

And since I know that the tire construction can affect fitment, let me
expand that last one to include the fact that they are Pirelli P7000
Summers (not the SuperSport all-seasons!) on those 16's.



'85 turbo GT Coupe
'89 80q
'89 200q