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Re: Wastegate diagnosis


At 04:47 PM 7/1/99 +0000, Phil Payne wrote:
>OK - this one's principally addressed to Scott and refers to web page
>http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/wginst.html - but others are welcome to
>chip in.
>Scott's text says: "The Waste Gate Diaphragm should be inspected after
>removing the Waste Gate Cap.  Look for any tears or holes in the

Phil says:
>I have found it better to use a MityVac on the upper chamber connection
>_before_ stripping the wastegate - in fact, I don't go in unless the
>test fails.

The above instructions were directed at people who were taking the upper
waste gate cap off in order to install a stiffer Waste Gate spring. In
other words, while you are in there replacing the spring, take a look at
the diaphragm.

Details on checking the diaphragm for leaks using a vacuum pump can be found at


Using a hand operated vacuum pump, I have been able to locate leaky WG
diaphragms on a couple of vehicles I have worked on.

Scott Mockry