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Audi swap meet, eastern US content

Just got off the phone with George Baxter, who is active with the Mid
Atlantic QCUSA.  He's planning to host a swap meet for Audi-ites on
September 18th at his shop north of Philadelphia.  The shop is less than 2
miles from both 95 and the PA turnpike, so this could draw from Boston to
DC.  He is also 200 yards from a train station on the Phila-NY line (good
chance to test the weight capacity of those overhead racks?).

This is the first Audi-only swap meet I've ever heard of, and because of
location has a chance of being really well attended.

They're also planning a corral, where George will unveil the second ersatz
S2 (eS2-II?) which should be done about then.

They're charging $20 for a 9x18 stall, I guess to cover clean-up etc., and
are asking for pre-registration.  I'd guess they have space for 30-40

Contact George at AJP Tuning:  215-788-6011

Brandon H.