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RE: TT quattro

It uses a Haldex clutch, which is newly developed for the TT application.
In principle, it is like a viscous coupling that waits for slip prior to
driving the rear wheels, similar to Subaru and the others you named, but
allegedly engages much more quickly and can start delivering power to the
rear wheels within the time it takes the front wheels to spin the equivalent
of moving forward 10 inches.

Follow some of the numerous links at http://www.audi-tt.org/news/ and you
will find various descriptions of it, though a couple I just tried were dead
ends.  But I'm sure I've seen it there someplace.  Try a web search on
Haldex if that fails.

Jack Rich
00 TT (didn't wait for Q)
90 V8
88 Corvette convertible still for sale.  As much fun as a TT and lots
84 4kq for sale (can't hold a candle to the TT)