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Re: Stongard group purchase

Weeeeeeeeeeell, I'm in.  Where do I sign?

I heard that the h4 units require a different size than standard...

> > I just spoke with Tim at Stongard.  He told me that discounts for group
> > purchases are available.  An example: 10 units of headlite protectors were
> > less 10%, 20 units less 20%.  Similar discounts are available on both the
> > bumper protector as well as the light protector.
> >
> > Interested?

Brendan Barry
Quincy, Massachusetts
1987 Audi 4000 Quattro - "Suzanne"
Tornado Red, with grey cloth interior and a bitchy attitude.
H4 80w/100w
K&N Filter
Modified Intake and Throttle
ATE Powerdics/Brembo cross-drilled
Steel brake lines (soon)
H&R - Boge Turbo Gas
Strut Brace (soon)