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Re: I let all the smoke out!

<<>It seems to be something in the drivetrain, right about
>where it passes underneath the firewall. There is some
>oil dripping, and that may be the cause of the smoke.>>

	If your car is an automatic,and if the stuff smells REALLY bad, 
there's a very good chance that one of the coolant lines to the trans is 
leaking. This is serious, it can let all the coolant out and cause your car 
to overheat.
	Since you mention a clutch, that may not help you, but might someone 
else. We've just BTDT with my son's car.
	The only thing I can think of is an oil leak at the back of the 
engine. Valve cover gasket maybe. If you're real unlucky the head gasket 
might be weeping back there, but I can't envision one dumping that much oil 
without other symptoms.