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contributions for the list

Here's a quick update on things, in case you've heard that I am 
considering upgrading from my CQ to a used S4/S6 :)

I sent a note to the list asking for help with the list finances, since I
took a bit of a hit in moving to the new site/server.
Expenses are the server, internet equipment, isdn service, power, etc.

So far, I've received about 53 contributions totalling just over $1500.
Those who have been able to contribute will be "rewarded" with a mention
on the web site and your choice of email alias at audifans.com (more details
soon), as well as some goodies in the future.

I appreciated the little tidbits people stuck in the envelope.
Here are some notable contributions:

- cash from New Jersey with a stickit that simply says "Dee" and a smiley
  (hmm, wonder who that was!)

- a female lister in CA who has a custom return address label with a picture
  of an A4.  Sorry guys, she's married.

- a generous contribution from Germany lamenting the size of the contrib.
  I especially appreciate the effort it takes for those outside the US to 
  obtain US funds.

And my favorite, which I think defines the spirit of the list and reminds me
why I keep doing this:

"Please accept my check for XXX in support of your efforts with the qlist and
web site.  I've been a "list member" for several years and have found it
helpful, instructive and especially entertaining!  Please keep it up.
I wish I could send more but I have recently decided to leave my current
job and I don't yet have another lined up!  As a consequence, I fear I must
also put my Audi up for sale, in an effort to reduce debt.  By the time you
receive this, I will like have sent you an advert for the marketplace.
Thanks again for the qlist..."

Thank *you* everyone.

And in case you haven't yet contributed but would like to (no, this is not
a guilt trip, just heading off the inevitable requests for the address!)

Dan Simoes
c/o audifans.com
PO Box 1382
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Several projects are underway including Thompson Smith graphics for the 
site, audifans.com Tshirts, decals, license plate frames, etc.

This is very much your list, despite some recent remarks making me out as
some sort of dictator.  Check the web site after this weekend for details
on how you can help with the site reorganization.

And thanks again.

| Dan |
Dan Simoes