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(44) Dreaded Fuel Pump Whine! Not the Bomb!

I just got my 87 5000csq wagon back from Dieters German Car in Menlo Park CA.  They installed a new BOMB (Rod@Parts Connection) and flushed the goo2000 system for me.  Ok so the new bomb didn't fix the ABS sen(sore subject), but at least it is a safe car to drive.  Now to my question.
Why is it, whenever you get your car back from the mechanic does something else go wrong?
Driving my car last night the lifters were clicking like crazy (It might have been the exhaust manifold) and the fuel pump started to whine.
A little Marvelous Mystery Oil, not to mention an oil change should take care of the lifters, but the Fuel Pump?  I know some of you guys have gone months before replacing the pump.  Should I wait until it gets noisy or should I just plan on replacing in the next month?  I just paid the damn thing off! I was thinking of an upgrade, but I just bought my first house, and the wife has plans for new windows, etc...(thank goodness she sells windows and doors).
Well looks like I am in for a fuel pump job, then in 10k more miles a timing belt.  Anyone recommend changing the belt at 50k?  The reason I ask is that I have the car chipped and Scott Mo springed.
Back on the list after a few months!
Dan Hamren
87 5kcsqw 150k 1.8 bar  $4/Blau suspension
Redwood City Ca