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Re: Heated seats fixed (5k)

In a message dated 99-07-02 10:50:31 EDT, Doyt@nwonline.net writes:

 The electrically adjustable leather front seats came out of the 87 5kcstq
 easily by first removing the two front bolts that hold each seat to the
 floorboard, and also removing the small bumpers at the ends of the  seat
 track. Otherwise the seat won't easily slide out the back of the track.
 Also, slice your carpet at the rear of the inner track, to ease that seat
 runner from sliding under the carpet as it exits, and jamming the removal.
 You can cut the carpet just after taking off the blade-like plastic trim on
 top of the rear inner track (one screw).

i just took some heated leather seats out of a '87 5kTQ yesterday too :<) 
i did everything you did, but i would like to add that i didnt have to cut 
the carpet.   also, if i were you, i'd remove the bottom of the back seat, to 
give you more room, when you slide the seats out the back of the tracks, and 
remove them thru the rear doors. 

now the fun part is getting them back in my car.... ;<)