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Re: 4x108 wheels

At 02:25 24.06.1999 , you wrote:

>that I forgot Audi had put on cars in the early 90's.  I also will have
>the car lowered -60mm / -2.5inches and the ET for those wheels is 35 or
>37, I run ET45 right now with the stock steel rims, will I have problems
>with rubbing?  Something like a 205/50 15" tire on a 15x7 rim.
I have an B4 80 2.3E Quattro, Borbet Exclusiv 17x8,5" with 215/45 17",
lowered somewhere between 60mm and 80mm (H&R "Gewindefahrwerk" / adjustable
in height). Ah yes, and 10mm distance rings ("Distanzringe" in German) on
the front wheels (and room for 5mm in the rear) and no Probs with rubbing
even if i do hard turns with sliding or playing "Walter Roehrl" on big
snowy places :->

Oh... and sorry for my bad english... hope you understood what I wrote
above ;-)