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NY timing belt a thon

As it looks now, we may have to cancel the timing belt a thon. I didn't
get as many responses as I hoped. The interested parties just did not
email back. Mike Murphy has one guy interested, I have another, one more
cancelled, and we may not be able to get the tools for free until a later 
date. We could rent, but the problem is noone is coming for their belt! 
Itmay be a better idea to wait and collect more people (maximum of ~7-8)
before we can get going. 

We planned the weekend of July 10-11 for this, but it may have to be
canned until a later date. There was a planned BBQ, as well.

If anyone in the NY metro area is interested, please email me back, give
your name and what kind of work you need to do. I won't be doing anything
on my car on that date, but am available to help any other lister that
needs it. If there's a good response, July10-11 may not be cancelled. If
it is, we can always plan another date and location (if needed)
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