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RE: wastegate diagnosis: MityVac

In message <> "frank j. bauer" writes:

> try http://mityvac.com
> i got my (metal bodied) silverline kit discounted at harbor freight tools.

Yup.  You can't effectively debug a turbo car quickly without one.

First two uses:

a) Hose from inlet manifold to ECU - can the ECU really see what's going

b) Wastegate upper chamber - is the diaphragm intact?

After that, there are a myriad uses.  My first diagnosis of a turbo car
involves a run (once I've checked a few things) with a boost gauge.  The
MityVac goes straight onto the ECU line when it comes off the manifold,
and the boost gauge is then teed in there.  On-board boost gauges are
uniformly useless.

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