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bashing detroit, was Re: One invincible A8 and a cool driver.

never one to miss a chance to bash american cars, i have to say, a current
Chrysler is a far better product than from the General these days.  i just drove
a brand new Olds rental the other day that was the biggest huge of sh*t you can
imagine.  only improvement in 20 years was probably the addition of huge roll
bars so it doesn't wallow like sinking barge quite so badly.  bad ride, terrible
seats/ergonomics. bizarre and ancient controls.  those idiots still actually
make you use the two keys, 1 for ignition and a different one for the doors.  my
friend and coworker along for the ride suggested it was probably because they
couldn't get past the vast technical problem of coordinating matching lock
cylinders in the doors and ignition on the assembly line.  he's probably right.
have had the misfortune to ride in Buicks, drive several flavors of Chevy, and
an occaisional Pontiac, all with the same 70's focus group mediocrity of design
and bean counter cheap construction.  Pontiacs the least offensive.   on
Chryslers, the rental Intrepid was far better example, IYLTKOT* of course.
rental Cirrus was way better than the rental Lumina, etc.   not that i want to
drive or own any of that stuff...   and oh yeah, trucks excepted.  we can do

(* if you like that kind of thing)

scott miller wrote:

> I'd put Chrysler with Radio Shack on quality.  I buy stuff from radio shack,
> but it's cheap and I don't expect as much from it.  An awful lot of
> Americans expect better from Chrysler than Audi, but they're slowly
> learning.