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Re: three wheeled car

There was one of these 3-wheeled cars in a recent Robbie Williams video.
Wierld little bugger.  ....Not to mention the Aston DB5 (ala James Bond).


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Date: Friday, July 02, 1999 3:51 AM
Subject: Re: three wheeled car

>In message <03491086989307@isoc.net> "Greg Herrmann" writes:
>> On my way home today I saw a three wheeled car. Very odd for Cincinnati.
>> One wheel in the front and two in the rear.  It was right hand drive, had
>> old european plates.  I was unable to get behind it to see the make.  It
>> have an emblem on the side that had three R's circling it.  I have know
>> what I saw and it is driving me nuts!  Any one know what this is?  Phil
>Reliant?  Only three-wheeler I can think of that starts with an 'R'.
>One of their models was the 'Robin'.  There's probably an owner's club
>on the web with some pictures.  Same company made the Scimitar and the
>death-trap powered invalid carriages you used to see.
>Found the owners club and lots of pictures:
>     http://devnull.owl.de/~cp/ReliantWeb/rialto/index.html
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