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Bashing Detroit

It seems that people want to continually take shots at domestic vehicles
for one thing or another and they are probably well deserved, but look at
the trends of the consumer and the cult group that is knocking Detroit.
I've driven German cars for over 20 years and I can't see that changing in
the future. Why German? Handling, stopping, ride, comfort and quality are
just a few reasons. If it were to be based on reliability it certainly
would'nt be German. How many blower motors, electrical problems, door
handles, window switches etc. have you replaced?

Both of my parents and most of my siblings drive domestic and these cars
have minimal problems. Do they get them from one point to another? yes. Are
they fun to drive? In my opinion across town is too far to ride.

I know I'll recieve a lot of heat for this but lets face it, we're a bunch
of car snobs. If everyone wanted the same car you're driving, how much
would it have cost? I have the philosophy that I should enjoy what I drive,
and hope that wallowing olds behind me can stop when we get to an

If you think of it in terms I'm sure not all  Audi drivers golf with
Calloway clubs, cook with Henkels, sail Hinkleys or my favorite, Morris, etc,.

Take it easy on Detroit. How many of us make our living either directly or
indirectly off from their product? Just be glad your not driving one. Ed
did you notice I did'nt say thank God we are'nt driving one?

Mark Switek
92 s4
98 a4tq