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AC fun on a saturday afternoon.

So last week as I approached the DC area, my AC failed. I am now back in
Ohio and  getting around to fixing it, and guess what? There are
problems. Audi supplied interchange tells me that a number of compressor
clutches fit the Denso unit on my 10v 90q. I have been through a 4 cyl
80, an 88 5k, and a 90 100. All claim to fit, but have different sized
bearings (the defective part). They do not fit the shaft. Unfortunately,
I do not have another 10v 90 to scavenge from. Has anyone done this job
with an interchange from another model? I hope to fix this with used
parts, and without changing the pump itself, which I can do from another
model, but my car has been R134a converted, and I do not have the tools
to capture/recharge the refrigerant. I know that this is a bizarre
request, but any info would be appreciated.