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Re: Headlight Protection

apowell@ezlink.com writes:
> After reading some of the Stonguard discussion...folks, for 
> headlight protection, Griot's Garage....
> <http://www.griotsgarage.com/> 
> sells really heavy 3-M protective film (perhaps 1/8" thick, really nice 
> stuff).  Costs about $25 for a sheet big enough to do Audi euro-
> lights.  It was easy to apply.  WELL worth the investment.  And no, 
> I don't run extra wattage lamps.

Yeah, it protects the lenses well, but I suspect that it also cuts
down on light output significantly.  I have these on my 4000 with the
H4/H1 euros, and I swear they are not as bright as they once were.
I think I'll be removing the film in short order.

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