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Re: any miracle-workers out there?

>Here's one for ya. My '84 VW Quantum GL-5 isn't running. Hark, I know
>why...no fuel. Why no fuel? No fuel line...why no fuel line? No fuel filter?
>Why? I changed it...but apparently as I was doin' it, I strip the #$%* bolt
>that screws in to the filter on the "out" line to the engine. Can't take it
>off. Can't re-thread. It screwed the tap I was usin'. I'm spent on ideas.
>I'll have to have it towed and a new fuel line put in because of a bolt and
>two threads unless someone's got some ideas out there. And do
>remember...it's the FUEL LINE...can't take the bolt off. So no sparks or
>heat...not killin' muhself over this. Thanks.

man, i did the same f#$@*^%	thing to my 55 gl5 4 years ago, only it was
for the line leading from the tank to the filter.  i ended up havint it
towed to my mechanic to have a new fuel line in.  that involved removing
the tank and all.  they make those freakin nuts out of aluminum or
something.  from what i remember about the car(i sold it 2 years ago)  you
will definately have to put a new line in.  good luck finding an

'91 80q