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Re: delusions of grandeur: porting and polishing

joe asked,

>>how much (if any) can i shave off of my head before my valves and pistons 
and then Fred replied,
> Check the books at the machine shop, they will tell you the max you can
> remove and it doesn't have anything to do with the dome to cyl.head
> clearance. For instance there is very little allowed removal when
> straightening a warped head. They are just not that thick a casting.
> So......beware. All the machine shops have a "Bible" they use for a
> referance.

and then joe asked,

cool!  thanks for the help.  does anybody have a copy of this "bible?"  i 
am going to attempt to do all of this myself, even though i have never 
done it before (in college, therefor no $$).  any additional advice in 
the porting and polishing area (ie books, how-to guides, etc) would be 
appreciated.  Thanks again.

hey, also, two more things:
1. i have about a week's window in which i can cancel my suspension 
order.  does anybody know of a place where i could get a set of h&r 
springs and boge progas inserts for less than $550?  if so, please let me 
know, as every nickel saved brings me one step closer to a set of p-zero's.

2. i am going to ask one more time if anybody has a control arm and or a 
tie rod that would fit an 80Q before i am forced to buy from a 
profiteer.  anyone?
 -   joe-the-new-guy 1990 80Q still 138k