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Re: Requesting Audi Brake Rotor info

Greg Amy wrote:
> I'm looking for information on what is the largest original equipment front
> brake rotor available to fit the Audi 5x112mm bolt pattern.
> Best I can find at this point is the 323x30 rotor that went on the S6+q,
> part number 4D0-615-301A. Can anyone confirm/deny this?

S8 (250kw - AHC, AKH) utilises the same rotor.
A8 - 441 615 301 AA, 314x30mm.

> Also, does anyone
> know of [...] an approximate retail
> price?

GBP194 w/o VAT.
> Also, I remember someone at Mt. Washington told me how to get prices from
> the ETKA, but I've forgotten; a refresher would be appreciated.

1. File preis.sav: change the extension to .e for English (price in
2. Double click on the p/n to get the price screen.

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros.