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Re: Transmission Conversion [in progress]


Sorry, I am not... I am only 27...

We put the transmission in, clutch assembly, etc.  A lot of the tips I 
received through the list helped out quite a bit.  We discovered this morning 
there was a plug in the end of the crank, but with the help of an air chisel 
we popped it out (in several pieces)...

Some of the things we discovered (may be a repeat of information already 
-The halfshafts are different from auto to manual.
- Speedometer cable is different (have to get Tuesday)
- Adjustment of the transmission tunnel was easy... 3 pops on the end of a 
4x4 with a sledge hammer...
- Valve covers are different, along with the throttle assembly.. (got the 
parts already)
- Diffrerent throttle cables...
- The exhaust down pipe out of the manifold was different, but the automatic 
pipe fits with the manual transmission... 
- the hole where the linkage passes through the body needs to be bigger...
- crank is the same... you just have to pop out the plug to install the pilot 
- brake fluid reservoir is the same, you just have to cut the end of the 
connector on the side off for the blue clutch hose

The only thing we have left to do is hook the wires back up under the dash 
and install the shifter...

Later all,