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Kwik-Fit Monkeys (was: DISASTER AT JIFFY LUBE!!!!)

I suffered (only slightly) at the hands of a couple of Kwik-Fit tyre fitters
on Friday.
I needed a tyre for the coupe - 195/60 14 nothing special, just something to
get the car legal for the next few months. First of all I had to convince
the guy that I knew that a Rover Metro doesn't have 14 inch wheels and that
the wheel that I wanted the tyre on was in the boot. Then I had to resist
the hard sell  - no, I dont want a free 12 month 'no quibble' road hazard
guarantee on some POS own brand tyre that I've never heard of. _Then_ I sat
and watched these two fitters try to open the Metro tailgate - after a
minute or so one of then wandered back in and asked me for the keys because
'the tailgate is locked'. No it wasn't, but even with the keys they didnt do
any better. Once I had opened the tailgate they fitted the tyre pretty
quickly - shame that they forgot to clean the dust off the rim before
attempting to stick the balance weights on - as I discovered when I got

Jim Haseltine
BTW - they currently list P7000 215/50 15 @ GBP127.50